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Trust, reliability and robustness are three salient features of every Warrior Professional Gear that makes it different from other industrial safety footwear and places Warrior at the top of all industrial safety shoe manufacturers and suppliers in India. Warrior by Liberty is a brand that is synonymous with quality and comfort for professionals employed at high risk work environments. The company has evolved from very humble beginnings to become an internationally renowned name. Under the visionary leadership of Mr. Adesh Gupta, the company has acquired advanced manufacturing facilities, extended its supply networks and driven innovation for decades. Today, Warrior shoes are sold in more than 25 countries through our sales partners. We are a technology-forward company with a vision to make excellent safety shoes available to the masses at reasonable prices.

Our protective footwear range is the first choice of modern, safety-conscious workforce of Israel. Israel is at the forefront of technology, skilled manpower and electronics and we stand behind this diligent nation in its forward march to becoming a global leader in every industry. Warrior protective shoes are in use throughout the world by professionals who demand the best comfort and safety in tastefully appointed footwear. Warrior Shoes are fit for use 12 months a year and is certified to provide superior protection against impacts of up to 200 Joules. The materials used make the product waterproof, anti-skid, oil-resistant, lightweight and very comfortable.

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Warrior, the professional gear India marches ahead with, comes from
The Liberty Group, a business house which has put the country on the international map with its range of high quality footwear.


Client Testimonials

  • "I/We like only LIBERTY Shoes."


    Renault Nissan Chennai-45 (Tamil Nadu)

  • "Yes, wear Liberty Warrior Shoe for Safety of you and your family i.e. WARRIOR shoe is Worry Free".


    Gujarat State Electricity Corpn. Ltd. (GETCO) Gandhinagar (Gujarat)

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