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Israel is a nation that remains unbeaten in the Middle East and Southwest Asia in terms of industrial output and skilled manpower. To drive a diligent workforce such as the Israelis, Warrior Shoes takes utmost care to put the best professional footwear in the market. For decades, the company has been at the forefront of innovation and delivering the very best of safety footwear. Each pair of safety shoe that rolls out of our factories undergoes stringent quality control measures. The consistency in design and safety features in our products is impeccable and remains so thanks to our commitment to keep the entirety of the manufacturing process in-house and under strict supervision.

Israel is one of the 25 nations that are under the export ambit of Warrior. The company has a worldwide reputation of being the largest safety shoes manufacturer in India. Every single pair of the 75000 pairs manufactured every day is guaranteed to provide complete support and safety to the wearer. The high quality assurance Warrior promises is possible because of the combination of direct injection PU soles, genuine leather and alloy toe caps that are lab-tested to withstand high impact forces of up to 200 Joules.

With a pair of Warrior Professional Gear, anyone can step forward confidently without fearing injuries or fatigue even after long hours of wear. Warrior Professional Gear comes in two options - High Neck and Low Neck. The high neck version offers additional ankle support. These all-weather shoes have anti-skid bases for enhanced stability on wet and oily surfaces. Besides being highly flexible, these shoes are also have high anti-static tolerance figures of up to 1000 Mega Ohms.

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